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Unparalleled Reliability. Fast and quiet, our printers are the longest performing on the market. Each features fixed-dot, thick-film thermal printheads built from high-abrasion-resistant glass, fully enclosed steel and bronze gearcases and fully anodized aluminum and stainless steel packaging with all-stainless fasteners.

What's more, integrated paper trays, auto-load paper feeding and paper-out detection make B-G printers unsurpassed in convenience.

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Powerful. Our standard DataPlot software makes it easy to print across the paper, print down the paper and print while you plot data. Simple plotting commands produce curves, grids and bar graphs directly from the input data.

Versatile. For a nominal fee, any B-G printer can be programmed for special requirements. These include custom character sets, printing stored forms with inserted data, clock/calendar functions, special calculations and conditional operations.

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Custom Instruments. The recording Thermograph II shown at right is built around a DataPlot 1224-V printer with a custom control/interface board that performs A/D conversion, corrects for thermistor non-linearity, drives a panel display and provides the entire logic system. May we design an instrument for your application?

Call today. Call B-G Instruments today for detailed brochures, a price list and sample printouts. If you have an upcoming OEM application, we'll happily discuss it in detail and schedule a demonstration.

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