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Started in 1974 as an outgrowth of a special project, B-G Instruments (BGI) began by designing and building a particle counter. The counter required a hard copy printout for display of collected data and archival purposes. Not finding a printing device either small, or quiet enough to incorporate into this equipment, John Baum and Donald Grove designed one. The first initials of their last names form the logo for the company.

Their first printer/plotter, a DP101, is still being manufactured and serviced for several of our original customers.

B-G Instruments incorporated in 1979 and moved its manufacturing and sales facilities to Washington State about the same time. While John and Don retired from the company, their desire for the highest quality, longest lived and most dependable printer on the market remains the company's core goal. BGI specializes in manufactruring printers for Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM).
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These printers are unique in the industry, incorporating fully enclosed steel and bronze gearcases, chassis of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and all stainless steel fasteners. The only exposed moving part in the system is the rubber platen. This makes the units especially suited to field operated instrumentation, scientific and industrial instruments, and medical designs where sanitation is a design factor. Of special interest to engineers trying to incorporate a printer into their project is the DataPlot Command and Character Font sets. These documents provide easy to use and understand "codes" which ease development of alphanumeric and graphical data for output to the printer.
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BGI will also develop custom printer designs for those customers who are unable to utilize our standard products. These designs are generally modifications of one of several drive engines, but can also be completely unique concepts. Because we can draw upon a large library of previous designs development cost is generally zero to moderate depending on order quantity.

Thank you for considering BGI for your printer application.
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