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CB1100 Series Control Board

This control board accepts input data from a parallel or serial RS232 data interface and provides the logic and drive functions to operate several B-G Instruments' print mechanisms, including model numbers PM 1224, PM 1320 and PM 1416 . The board is based on an 80C552 microprocessor with a complement of other CMOS chips. It also provides 10-bit analog-to-digital conversion of up to 8 analog voltage inputs, a keypad interface, a number of other I/O lines, a paper takeup reel driver and an optional battery-backed clock/calendar. This board is primarily intended for applications that require its analog input capability. Applications that just need digital input can use the CB1224, CB1320 or the CB1416 control board.

Download CB1100 Series Datasheet in Adobe pdf.

Download free Adobe Acrobat reader here.

CB1100: The raw dimensions are (5" x 8" x .75") This control board drives the PM1224, PM1320 and the PM1416 Print Mechanisms.  Click here to enlarge photo

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