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PM1832 Series Print Mechanism

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The DataPlot model PM 1832 Print Mechanism incorporates a thermal printhead with 832 heat element dots arrayed in a single line across the width of the paper. The mechanism holds a supply roll of 4.5" wide thermal paper and moves the paper past the printhead in steps of approximately .005 inch. When driven by a DataPlot CB 2832 Control Board, the print mechanism steps the paper forward, pausing after each step to heat selected dots. In this manner, a dot matrix representation of alphanumeric and/or graphic data can be printed.

Download PM1832 Series Datasheet in Adobe pdf.

Download free Adobe Acrobat reader here.

PM1832-PTVF: Print Mechanism with paper access from the front (if mounted vertically) or from the top (if mounted horizontally.) Provides PEM inserts on tabs, over the tray, for convenient mounting of an access door to match customer's front panel.


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