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Paper Take-Up Assemblies


The DataPlot PTU-XXXX Paper Take-up Unit (PTU) is designed to operate with BGI control boards and print mechanisms. This optional piece of equipment must be specified at time of order so that proper parts are installed on the main control board (CB1416, CB2224, etc). It is available for all BGI printers using TP-1, TP-3 or TP-4 thermal paper. The PTU works to re-spool paper, generally for archival purposes, as part of the print function. The operation of this unit is automatic requiring no user commands. The paper is re-spooled after exiting the printer and is stored on a removable core. This core collapses after removal from its mounting points and is extracted, from the paper roll, for reuse.


Download Paper Take-Up Datasheet in Adobe pdf.

Download free Adobe Acrobat reader here.

PTU-1416: Shown here can be configured to work with any B-G Print Mechanism. Click here to enlarge photo Click here to enlarge photo
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