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B-G Instruments' firmware, consists of the "DataPlot Commands" and "DataPlot Character Fonts" sets. This firmware was designed to aid the user in development of printed alphanumeric and graphical data. All BGI 1XXX and 2XXX series printers incorporate this firmware in their standard programs. The "character fonts" set allows the user to choose from five (5) different font types, in four (4) different sizes. Additionally any of these  combinations can be printed in bold type.

The "command set" allows graphical data to be printed in "X" and "Y" directions. Additionally information can be inverted, paper can be backed-up and overprinted, grid types can be specified, plus many other unique functions. Of special interest are commands to make a single printer plot up to 4 separate graphs with unique traces on each graph, all at the same time. 

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