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Limitation of Liability

B-G Instruments, Inc. ("B-G") warrants that the products sold are in accordance with B-G's published specifications or those specifications agreed to by B-G in writing at the time of sale.

B-G will repair or replace, at its option, any DataPlot product that malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect within one year after the original date of sale; provided, that it is used only for control of the correct type of DataPlot print mechanism and:

  1. neither the control board nor the attached print mechanism have been modified in any way not specifically authorized in writing by B-G Instruments; and
  2. electrical power supplied to the control board has always been within the specifications given in this data sheet; and
  3. the control board has not been damaged electrically, mechanically, thermally, or in any other way.

B-G MAKES NO OTHER WAY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND MAKES NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. B-G's obligation under this warranty shall not include any transportation charges or costs of installation or any liability for direct, indirect, or consequential damages or delay.

If requested by B-G, and upon a receipt of a return authorization number, products or parts for which a warranty claim is made are to be returned transportation prepaid to B-G's factory. Any improper use, operation beyond capacity, configuration of B-G product with any other equipment, substitution of parts not approved by B-G, or any alteration or repair by others in such manner as in B-G's judgment affects the product materially and adversely shall void this warranty. No B-G employee or representative is authorized to change this warranty in any way or grant any other warranty.

Beneficiaries of Warranties -- Buyer Only

The goods purchased under this agreement shall be used exclusively by buyer and by no other person, and, therefore, there shall be no third party beneficiary to the express or implied warranties contained in this agreement.

Exclusion of Consequential Damages
for Breach of Warranty

B-G shall not be liable for consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty.

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