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CB2000 Series Control Board

General Description This Control board is based on an 80C31 microprocessor with a complement of other CMOS chips. It provides for both parallel and serial digital input, interfaces for a keypad and a paper take-up reel, For analog inputs and other special applications, see our CB3000 Series control board.

Download CB2000 Series Datasheet in Adobe pdf.

Download free Adobe Acrobat reader here.

CB2224, CB2320 and CB2416: Derive from the control board seen here. The raw dimensions for this board are (4" x 5.5" x .75")  These control boards drive the PM1224, PM1320 and the PM1416 Print Mechanisms. Click here to enlarge photo
CB2448 and CB2832: The raw dimensions are (4" x 5.5" x .75") This control board drives the PM1448 and the PM1832 Print Mechanisms.


Click here to enlarge photo

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